Mar 24, 2016

Highlight reel..and why im annoyed by this topic

So hello there on this crazy Thursday morning where here in Iowa ( some places ) we woke up to snow!  Ya I know I too am just ready for some warm weather!!

This morning I was on instagram (  Click to go to my instagram ) scrolling along and at least 2 or 3 times a day I see a post about reality vs highlight real. Most of the time its a negative post about people that are posting positive things and upbeat things.  

Now my thoughts are this :

Why is this a bad thing? There is enough negativity in the world around us. I really dont want to go on to every social media and read or look at every single struggle that is out there. We all know that not every one is having a great time in life every every single day. Do I think that every day is perfect for these people posting about how happy they are? No reality is that they have struggles just the way the rest of us do.  The difference is that they dont need to broadcast every bump in the road!

I don't think anyone really wants or needs to see a social network full of posts about every tragic or depressing event in their life. 

I have found myself in the last month looking through feeds and loving posts that are positive and uplifting! I give a lot of credit to those that despite whatever struggle they have in their personal life they aren't publicizing it on social media. Then they would be criticized for being an attention seeker or pity party poster.

To each there own with their posts and how and what they want to share with the world. No one is having perfect days every day of their life. I wouldnt call this highlight reel I simply call this POSITIVE VIBES ONLY!

Kisses & Hugs #staypositive 


Mar 22, 2016

PetNov Review

Listen anytime that i can groom my dogs without causing stress or discomfort.. sign me up! My dog shown in this video has NEVER liked being brushed its ALWAYS been a struggle! SO i am happy to say that i totally approve this product if you have dogs or animals that are easily stressed during grooming time!

Check it out here

I was provided this product for testing and review for free or heavily discounted and was asked only to give my honest review

Mar 6, 2016

Purifyou review

I was honestly thinking it would be a little bit bigger than it is. While it's silicone outer wrap is nice and seems to be allowing for extra grip ease. You would really want to be super careful. The shock absorbing silicone can only protect so much. Of this drops... You could be cleaning up glass. If you are a careful person you should be fine. This is not a sporty type topped bottle. Its a screw on and off lid, which seems to be pretty nice actually. Initially I wanted to get this for my 11 yr old but I decided against that because of the possibility of the breaking.
I did receive this product for free or discount for my honest review. These are my own opinions and no one else's.